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Military Grade Flashlights


Since recliner are being made back around the 30's people often call them lazy boy's the reason is

most people would seat on them and just lay there lifeless, looking well lazy! So time past and no brand was definitive as La-Z-Boy so the 90's came and people took interest on them the brand previously mentioned was already a local name, but they weren't as popular, 1994-1995 came and the TV show "Friends" feature in one of their episode a pair of Barcaloungers brand however in the show the were called lazy boys several times as popular as the show became, people often mistook the name lazy boy with the actual brand called the same but written differently, since them some people know that lazy boy means recliner and some think mistakenly that lazy boy is a brand, when is not. La-Z-Boy change their name at some point to what I wrote previously to avoid more legal issues as the word lazy boy is not the same as the brand.

All this information has been gather thru the internet using Google and Wikipedia.

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